The porn industry is one of those industries, which always make use of the latest technologies. So, with the advent of virtual reality technology, it is not surprising that VR porn is on the rise as well. This technology is quickly changing the entire experience of viewing porn. Now, anyone can wear Google Cardboard and watch virtual reality porn. For the whole duration of the porn, you can easily explore the surroundings with a quick turn of your head.

Porn Industry Always Uses the Latest Technology

The extent of this technology is so much that a porn production company named BaDoinkVR has even stopped producing regular videos. The company feels so strongly about it that they are only releasing virtual movies.

This is not the first time that the porn industry has been using the latest and innovative technology. Use of VHS over Betamax and Blu-ray over HD-DVD are examples of instances when the industry opted for a better technology. With BaDoink using the virtual porn technology, it wouldn’t be surprising if more companies ditch regular videos for virtual ones.

VR existed before

It is not true that VR didn’t exist before. In fact, there have been several iterations on creating the conceptual world over the past. It was in 1939 when virtual tourism term was first used when machines were merging tow images were installed in public places. The consumers experienced alternate realities for the first time in 1991. Now, with VR porn, this technology is more imminent than it ever was.

The rise of Virtual Reality

A company named Virtually produced large, incommodious machines that could be fitted only inside markets and also cost a lot of money to play. Apart from the cost and size, the lack of content and titles was a huge problem that left people unsatisfied.

It was in 2012 when a student named Palmer Luckey showed his early prototype of a head mounted display known as Oculus at E3. This technology left everyone impressed and from that moment, the technology exploded into the scene. Companies from all over the world have been trying to manufacture the hardware for the technology. For those videos take a look at Google cardboard, a headset compatible with smartphones, is an entry-level VR device. Oculus is a high-end PC powered device, which allows you to experience virtual reality. You can use either of these devices to view VR porn.

The technology’s advent in porn

With any new technology or platform, porn is the first to utilize it. BaDoink even released a video on YouTube, which showed people watching porn virtual reality porn in San Fransisco. The users in the video found it hard to describe their experience. However, once people realized how good the technology is, they immediately wanted to upgrade their devices for using the technology. Also VR Bangers, which you find here, is a well known network for those videos.

Changing the experience of viewing porn

What virtual porn does is that it ultimately enhances the experience of viewing porn. If more and more people started viewing porn in this manner, the technology would take over the entire industry.